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One of the few authors successfully published through small press, self, and ‘big six’ publishing, Michael J Sullivan has sold more than 1+ million books, has been translated into fourteen foreign languages (including German, Russian, French, and Japanese), and had been named to io9’s Most Successful Self-Published Sci-Fi and Fantasy Authors list.

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The Rise of The Rise and Fall

I love it when an entire series is out and available for sale. I like it even more when the books are selling well.  We just noticed that all three books are in the TOP 10 of the bestselling Sword and Sorcery audio books  (#1, #3, and #8).  That made my day! Our thanks to … Read more

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Two Documentaries are Green Lit!

Indie Author: a documentary  As some may know, independent filmmaker Adam Grandy is making a documentary about Indie Publishing and Robin and I will be featured in it. Other authors involved include: Will Wight (Cradle), Bryce O’Conner (Wraithmarked Creative), Delemhach (House Witch), AC Cobble (Merrick Books), Daniel B. Greene (Neon Ghosts), M.L. Wang (The Sword … Read more

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Free Royce Short Story

 A number of people have asked for a pre-Hadrian story about Royce, and for the the most part, I’ve not “gone there” because Royce was a less than “happy camper” during those days.  But when Wraithmarked Creative wanted a short story for their “When Swords Fall Silent Anthology” I made an exception. It’s called “May … Read more

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Michael J Sullivan

I'm a New York Times, USA Today, and Washington Post bestselling author with 9 Goodreads Choice Award Nominations.

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